About us

South Pacific Apps is an indie game development studio based in Auckland, New Zealand. We focus on developing games with unique concept and not just making another copy of hyper popular games.

Our Games

Canyons Of Mars

Help this little martian get to the top of the canyon by avoiding rocks and collect powerups in the proccess. Build using Unity 3D engine.

Fill The Pot

Fill the pot is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud once you start playing it. Just try it! Build using Unity 5.1

Poop From The Roof

Poop on people and cars from the roof top to get points. Collect coins to continue even after the game is over. Build using Unity 3D engine.


Hexagonia is a physics arcade game made with Phaser HTML5 engine and ported to iOS and Android using CocoonJS. The goal of the game is to deliver the ball in to the tube by removing the hexagons on the game field.


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